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As well as being a documentary project, "La Transition" was a transformative human and personal adventure. 

At the dawn of my 35th birthday, coming from a rugby background and not knowing how to swim, I wanted to take on a crazy challenge: to take part in the Norseman, the toughest triathlon in the world. As well as the sporting challenge, my aim was to break down stereotypes about the black community, to inspire others and to become an agent of change with the mantra #wantingvsdoing. The triathlon discipline is recognised as having a low rate of participation by visible minorities.

original creation


I then began documenting my transition from rugby player to triathlete, both mentally and physically, for over two years until my participation in the summer of 2022. This led to the direction and production of a documentary "Au bout de l'effort" (At the End of the Effort) broadcast on Canal+, as well as a number of other related projects.


my tv show

la transition

original creation

An original creation, my programme "La transition", produced and directed for Radio Canada, is in line with my objective of breaking down stereotypes and preparing myself for my challenge by meeting other athletes.   


"Xavier Jourson is on a mission: he has set himself the goal of becoming the first black man to take part in the Norseman.

man to take part in the Norseman, an extreme triathlon in the Norwegian fjords.

fjords of Norway. The challenge is physical, but the stakes are social. To achieve his goal, the former rugby player is meeting athletes from diverse backgrounds from all over Quebec. These sportsmen and women will tell him about their sometimes rocky journey, always with the aim of opening up their horizons and making a difference in their sport. These inspiring discussions will feed into his approach and, we hope, open up the debate on the issues of inclusion and representativeness that still persist "


interview Bein sport

Interviewed by BeIN sports during my project, you can discover more about my story.

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