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Sharing a passion for sports


As a former top-level athlete, I have an excellent understanding of the world of sport and enjoy testing myself in different disciplines. Today, I enjoy helping other people take on extraordinary challenges, enjoy unique sporting experiences and condition themselves to achieve their goals.


Don't hesitate to contact me to tell me about your project or your goal so we can see how I can help you!






The Transition

My 'Transition' project gave me a solid understanding of the media world, which I'm particularly fond of. 

Interested in human-centered projects, I now help people and organizations with their digital projects, moving from ideation to design. My mission is to create a pilot project, and to do that I bring my skills in storytelling, strategy development, communication, activating partnerships, budgeting and so on. 

I am also a good communicator, with a wide range of experience from creating a programme for Radio Canada, so I thrive in the role of columnist. 

An idea, a project ?

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in digital Strategy and projects management


The pleasure of being a mentor

Passionate about teaching, I have a wide range of experiences working with students.

I've taught at HEC Montreal, Concordia University and the American Business School in Paris, to name but a few. I like to create attractive course materials with an interactive, dynamic and modern approach. I am also involved in creating training modules. 

Moving between France and North America, I put action and the American entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of my coaching. My coaching and tutoring services help students to achieve their academic and professional goals in line with a life project that has already been defined or set. 


I am always open to listen to your academic needs, and look forward to working with you !


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A passionate facilitator

I am a communicator with an atypical background, which allows me I regularly give inspirational or themed talks and specific Masterclasses to schools, businesses and institutions. I adapt to the needs, target audience and context. 

I can also be a great speaker or presenter to your next sporting or academic event. 

Contact me to discuss your project or requirements !


How to be enterprising

Project idealization

Personal Branding

The world of sports entrepreneurship 

The "step by step" theory

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