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  • Photo du rédacteurXavier Jourson

Only the sky goes with you...

Dernière mise à jour : 26 oct. 2022

On Saturday August 6th at 4:45 am, I hear the first participants jumping into the water,

big cries of stress, disarray, anxiety! Some of them seem to be of joy... deep inside me, I

had waited for this for a long time.

A last pass under the water, a last look in the sky, the heartbeat shows not far from 146

at rest, perfect one of the sensations I needed to feel... Finally, the 5m jump made me anxious for more than 2 years, so that it became a formality on D-day.

4km200 later...the end of the icy hell... Sometimes still to this day in my nights, I still see myself raising my head after 300m alone locked between these two mountains, the body petrified.

2 months later, I still can't explain, the experience and the feeling in the Zalaris boat, yes that morning I had the feeling, the feeling... "Xavier you are an athlete..."

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