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First Star

Dernière mise à jour : 14 févr. 2023

By the sweat of your brow you will eat your bread, it is the case to say it...

After a hectic summer, winter is already coming.

Well launched in my transition, it is official, I want to test myself on a completely

different discipline: snowboard.

Why snowboarding, at first sight, yes the style, the equipment, the environment and

especially the atmosphere on the slopes. But above all they are warriors, kamikaze...

It is one of the only winter sports that will allow me to be in the areas or not... So the time to buy an outfit, some YouTube videos and direction the track of Thanersville in the state of New-York.

During the whole trip it's a mix of anxiety and excitement, but on this occasion, it will

take more than that to give up or refuse the fight... As a personal trainer, I am lucky enough to be with my American business partner who is a real ballerina. 3, 4 tips later, he has to go away, here I am left to my own devices...

I don't know if it is due to my resistance or my overwhelming desire to succeed, but after

2 hours of climbing, descending, unclipping, falling...

I have already mastered the basics, I feel a bit more rider....

What fascinates me in this sport is the self-control it requires, the concentration, but

above all the speed!

I have to admit that they are real athletes with an overflowing creativity.

I have searched the different courses and the diversity is not overwhelming, but then


It is the fruit of my reflection with only one word, why no one?

In the afternoon it is a delight, I take more and more risks, more and more speed, and

more and more scares...

After a pseudo fright on the chairlift due to my fear of heights I go back to the top!

4pm the slopes close, last slide for confidence, yes I confirm you I want to become a


The two days go by without a hitch, or injuries, my calendar and already booke for the

next session.

Objective at the end of the year 360degrès...


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