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''Wounding blows cleanse away evil''.

After five months into the program, I am confronted with such a big adversity : injury.

I'm convinced that this is an inevitable injury for anyone looking for performance and surpassing themselves.

Pushing the body to its limits can cause dysfunctions. It is part of being a true athlete, the ability to trim body for peak performances without damaging it.

In 2016, I have experienced the situation. During a game, I broke my thumb bone in three, with two surgeries, and eight weeks in a cast.

Injury into a body, caused by new sport with different bodily sensations, represent a new experience.

The accumulation of training in cycling and running created discomfort in my calves. Moreover, losing weight doesn't solve the problem.

I’m lucky to have trusted a renowned medical practice, with which I was able to deal quickly with this issue.

They provided such a good treatment. What is very important, especially for an all-round athlete like the triathlete.

Just like the ongoing healing process: split test, restart of training with a metronome. Everything is scrutinized.

The process is long and tedious for the simple reason that only your body and your emotions are indicators of well-being.

These events made me understand that there is one thing we should not overlook. Something which is fundamentally personal ...

Body injury leads to the mental one, but for that one thing ...

It is up to Heaven...

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