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The hero

When I was little I hung out with you on wheels. After spending more than 20 years without even thinking about what you became, here I am back at your side. Bonus, I even have real clipless pedals now.

During all these years, I often saw you in Paris without even bothering to use you.

As for you, you've come a long way since then, you've made electric friends, and the carbon family has grown.

Today we do not meet to discover the beautiful places that Canada offers us, but to grind and endure for several hours ...

You are so beautiful, so strong, I spent the entire summer of 2020 pulling you out like a war trophy. I never would have believed or even thought to find myself embarked on such an adventure.

But at the price you cost me you owe me that, don't you?

Unfortunately, my injuries took us away.

Even though you're at home and I can't feel your speed anymore, getting on a home trainer is an amazing experience.

I see you tall, resistant… I pray to end this adventure with you.

May your grace spare us future falls.

I love you my bike

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