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The "Endless" Myth

As you know, swimming is the main focus of the race for me.

Water is the place where I feel least comfortable, especially when it's cold.

However, swimming remains the discipline in which I want to perform during this Norseman.

Great !!!

Except, during this pandemic, we’re hitting all the obstacles.

It has been 9 months since I swam and all the pools are closed. Through a friend, I managed to gain access to a swimming pool.

Awesome !!!

Except there's one catch: it's a counter-current swimming pool.

The urge to test predominates but anxiety from not having swam recently also creeps up

Appointment made, cameras loaded, let's go… appropriate temperature and cruising speed. After a few laps, the only thing I realize is that I have no breath... determined to tame the machine, I go back. Nothing is working: lack of breath, lack of coordination, nervousness, fear, doubt are all too present

I stop !!!

I give my first impressions to the camera, then I isolate myself in the locker room because I realize the work I still have to do ... HUGE !!

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