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The creation of Winnie.

Developing a project like this is complex.

Communication is my essence. In order to interact with my community, I asked myself how to be relevant without being the cliché of the black bad boy, big arm, little brain ...

My goal is to find an axis, with a Xavier-style visual support ...

After careful consideration, 3 things follow: stay myself, integrate a humorous side and my love of cartoon.

But how do I identify myself as a brand?

A weekend with my Designer later ...

Creation of “Winnie”, he will be present for my announcements, publications, my speaking engagements, during my filming sessions with the “Transit-inside” section, he will introduce my best performances to you and invite you to my conferences.

We always associate a Leader with a serious person, without deviation… false impression.

A leader is someone who has a vision and knows how to share it.

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