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The big Launch

Always with a desire to impact, my wish was to be broadcast on two main medias: TV and press. The task was complex, but through perseverance I succeeded...

Since March 2020, my idea was well established, I want to compete in the Norseman Triathlon. The hard thing that haunted me ever since was my obsession with documenting it.

If you want to make a film, you have to prepare, don't you?

During the 4 months that followed, I got down to designing and developing the main lines of the project.

The advantage of creating a project like this one is that you have to learn things in areas that are completely new to you, such as audiovisual, law, marketing, etc.

PowerPoint in my pocket, video and photo content, motivation, and here I am, ready to address Radio-Canada and the Journal de Montréal.

The project is presented to the first Vice-President of Sports of Radio-Canada who is immediately interested and wishes to take part in my project. Ditto for JDM who gives me an interview afterwards.

Friday September 18th, the website is online, my heart is beating so fast, I already have positive feedback, people are enjoying it.

The following weekend, a TV report, a radio interview and two pages at JDM embellished my week, but aldo added a lot of pressure.

We are in business and on our way to get the Norseman's black t-shirt…

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