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25.19 Story of iSak

Seeing myself as a work "machine" helps me remember that all machines need maintenance.

During my career as an athlete, I realized that my body is my work tool and that I always need to be careful about nutrition. Even as an infant, my nutrition was a struggle for both my mom and myself. It was when I was growing up and playing rugby at a high level, that my body began to build itself.

Simply put, to participate in the Norseman Triathlon weighing over 100kg is to compromise one’s destiny in the quest for the black t-shirt (received upon completion of the event). Also, I have no idea how my body reacts to 15 to 20 hours of physical work in extreme conditions. The wisest decision was to have expert supervision for this transition.

I am fortunate to be supported by Vivai nutrition, experts in sports nutrition. Mélanie Manta, a dietitian specialized in triathlons, is responsible for my follow-up.

The good thing about this immense project is that it is full of discoveries such as the IsaK method, specific techniques for measuring body curves. The anthropometer is a fascinating tool, it takes my measurements in order to assess my physique. With this information, Mélanie was able to advise me on a personalized diet that will maximize my performance.

In my research, I also learned that anthropometry was one of the methods used to develop the design of fingerprints.

Thank you to the Vivai team for your confidence and help in conquering the Norseman.

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