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Peak Performance

In order to build an aerobic base, I needed to know where my limits were and how far I could push them… That's why we did a VO2 max test.

The goal was simple, every 3 minutes, 30 watts were added on the bike. Every 3 minutes, there was a new level to conquer. As soon as Pascal Hervé explained the test, I said to myself: I must beat the machine, I must go as far as possible.

Once on the bike, I had to pass the first test, which is to overcome the mind. After a start at 110 W, I completed the first stages easily, almost with a smile on my face. From 230 W, my fingers started twitching because of the multiple samples taken to check my lactic acid level during exercise. At 320W my brain was still in the test but my legs surrendered. What a disappointment for me. I wanted to start over, try again, do better.

Unfortunately, the test was over. After a debrief with Pascal, I tell myself that the next step is to exceed 400 watts. A interesting story to follow...

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