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  • Photo du rédacteurXavier Jourson


After more than 8 weeks diminished by an injury due to a sciatic nerve, I’m here again.

The purchase of a racing bike includes all these specifics: the type of materials, the choice of brakes, pedals, brand... For my part, it was the size of my frame that failed me and caused me this pain and this nasty injury. I was well referred by my medical team, finding the cause has been one of the craziest puzzles. I went through the step of changing shoes, position, a point on my nutrition, going to the chiropractor to undergo a battery test on my biomechanics, before concluding that my bike frame was not suitable for my size.

Also said early on! Through my official sponsor, the problem was resolved quickly.

My coach Pascal Hervé is busy preparing a real "Bomb" for me.

Again, the change was drastic, as were the sensations.

Now it's time for training and developing kilometers… in seal!

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