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Thursday, November 19 is an important day in the progress of the project, one of the biggest French media published one hell of an article for me... let me tell you about it...

In my transition, it was important to focus on France, my country of birth. My goal has always been to impact and mobilize, therefore, what better hep than that of a media giant.

Bein sport, present in more than 100 countries, is the gold mine of highly innovative sports media, extraordinary reports, and programs for athletes' hearts.

After a long process, "bingo". The meeting is set with Pierre at 5am, 11am in Paris. He explains the concept to me. Similar to "players in tribune", the goal is to give me an open forum on society or my own journey with the style of a confession.

I decided to give him a mix of my project, my background and my hurdles.

For more than two hours, we exchange, with laughter and questioning... Everything is complete. Pierre tells me that he will transcribe it in the form of a story and that there's one last thing for me to do, the toughest : wait .

The first thing I received was the cover picture which left me speechless and emotional. And then the "V1". The appointment is confirmed.

In the morning of Thursday, November 19, I get up in a mountain ccottage in the middle of Quebec and then...

A big thank you to Bein sport for allowing me to speak without taboos...

Click on this link to read the article (in French) : "Le triathlon le plus dur au monde est pour moi !"

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