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All you can do with good advice is pass it on

Very early on, sport became essential to Xavier Jourson’s life. Being overweight at a young age, what was impossible for him quickly became his passion. He spent 12 years living and growing through Rugby.

Time and time again he had to stop, recalculate, start over, adapt and go for it. What he gets out of it is a companion that has never left him: self-reflection. The unattainable no longer had the same definition for Xavier Jourson.

He had become truly passionate about performance. His future as an athlete changed when he suffered a serious hand injury. It was the best thing that ever happened to him. It forced Xavier Jourson to look even further and made him discover a powerful ally: mental strength.

The countless challenges of life have inspired him to be resilient. He has custom built the "MBA" of his life.

Today, Xavier Jourson is a young athlete and entrepreneur based in Canada with a strong belief that he can make a difference. In solitude, he pushed himself to discover a new discipline; triathlon, and had chosen to go from wanting to doing. (#WantingVsDoing).

His goal is to break the stereotypes weighing on the black community. Triathlon is a discipline rarely practiced by visible minorities. Xavier Jourson’s mission will be to go from Rugbyman to Triathlete. This is his transition. He challenges himself to do the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon taking place in the Fjords of Norway. This complex event requires unparalleled physical and technical ability. It is one of the toughest sporting events in the world.

Xavier Jourson sees himself as a true agent for change. This project is a once in a lifetime endeavor. He is here to create a new community of people who just like him will be up for the challenge to try and conquer their own Norseman. A squad that wants to think the unthinkable, that aspires to progress in a disproportionate way, that will be ready to redefine the word “possible”. Being passionate about entrepreneurship, he wants to instill the same daring attitude in his business since the project is my idea.

This adventure, you will live it together with him. At the end of Xavier Jourson’s journey, you will be able to watch a documentary relating myhis progress, his challenges, his failures and his successes. He also talks about it in Xavier Jourson, The Transition, which he hosts on Radio Canada.

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