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Entrepreneur at heart, my project will not end with conquering the Norseman. One of my goals will be to identify the barriers to diversity in the discipline of triathlon.
Among other things, we are working on making a bicycle specially designed for the morphology of people from black communities.

In addition to advancing our business, if you have a project that meets our vision, we are committed to being an integral part of your team.

Several initiatives are already underway, I invite you to follow us closely.

For any business opportunity such as partnerships or sponsorships, contact us at


4 conferences planned in collaboration with the National Bank between 2021 and 2023

Stay tuned for dates and subtopics.

In addition, to make you live my experience step by step, the topics will include, among others:

  • The place of the black population in society

  • The secrets of motivation to accomplish the unthinkable


To invite me to attend a conference or give a presentation, email me at


Several sporting events planned in Canada and abroad to introduce you to endurance sports and to break stereotypes.

  • Bike trips

  • Discoveries of little-known regions

For any other inquiries, contact me at or on social media.

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